Probiotic Hydration from the Tropics: Coconut Water Kefir

Probiotic Hydration from the Tropics: Coconut Water Kefir

Looking for a refreshing and healthy beverage to stay hydrated, improve gut health and support your immune system that still tastes awesome?

We were.

That's why we started making coconut water kefir in our family kitchen years ago, and launched Cabana Cultures to spread the magic far and wide.

We found existing store-bought probiotic beverages were chalky, harsh or had too low a dosage of live cultures to have any of the promised benefits. Others were loaded with artificial sweeteners, or other ingredients we were looking to avoid, like dairy.

Enter the dynamic duo of ultra-hydrating coconut water and probiotic water kefir crystals. It's no exaggeration to say it has changed our lives.

Below we explore what coconut water kefir is, how it can improve your gut health, and why you should consider adding it to your daily routine.

What is coconut water kefir?

Coconut water kefir is a powerful probiotic beverage, made by fermenting fresh coconut water with water kefir crystals--a symbiotic structure of healthy bacteria and yeasts.

Water kefir has been enjoyed for centuries, likely originating in Mexico, where the crystals were first discovered on the underside of cactus pads.

As the coconut water ferments, the probiotic cultures consume the sugars in the mixture and generate CO2, organic acids like lactic acid and acetic acid, and trace amounts of ethanol. The taste of the coconut water is transformed to take on a light, tangy profile.

The resulting coconut water kefir retains the hydrating power of the original beverage, including a mega-dose of electrolytes. A single bottle of coconut water kefir contains roughly the potassium of a two bananas.

How does coconut water kefir improve gut health?

The more research that is conducted, the greater the link between gut health and overall physical wellbeing.

Cabana Cultures coconut water kefir is packed with probiotics that promote a healthy gut, like Bacillus subtilis. Studies have shown these probiotics promote regular, healthy gut function and support the immune system. They also help prevent harmful bacteria from growing in the gut, reducing the risk of digestive issues such as bloating, gas, and constipation.

These probiotics have even been demonstrated to support cardiovascular and heart health, improve exercise recovery and increase results from strength training.

What about the taste?

One of the reasons we fell in love with coconut water kefir is the light and refreshing taste, which makes it so easy to incorporate into our daily routine.

Coconut water kefir can also be readily infused with all manner of delicious juices and botanicals. Our Cabana Cultures come in lemon-ginger, hibiscus and coco-lime and all are suitable for both first-time fermented beverage drinkers or seasoned pros.

It is also free from artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, 100% vegan, and naturally low calorie and low sugar.

Show your gut some love

To take your next step to gut health bliss and sample Cabana Cultures, we invite you to try a Variety Pack of Coconut Water Kefir. Your gut will thank you!

To your health,

Jen & Ben, Co-Founders

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